Raise $10k in a Day for the Kardisco’s!

Meet the Kardisco family: Dani, Jeff, Ivyn, and Judah. Jeff and Dani began their life of service together in York County, PA where Jeff served as a pastor and Dani served as an elementary teacher.  During their time in York, they embarked on their family building journey, welcoming their first son, Ivyn, through adoption.

Fast forward a few years and Dani and Jeff shared that they were expecting a son: Judah.  Born in the end of September, Ivyn welcomed his baby brother home for a short time before Jeff and Dani discovered something scary: Judah’s blood work was weird and he needed to be readmitted.  Doctors discovered that Judah would require a kidney transplant.  Now, at the tender age of 11 weeks old, Judah is a veteran at dialysis and living life in the NICU.

Ivyn has been spending time on and off with his grandparents in Pennsylvania while Jeff and Dani navigate being NICU parents to a baby with complex medical needs in Boston.  They’ve both had to take extensive time off of work and have had to make harrowing life choices for their youngest.  They’ve been able to enjoy short moments at home with Judah, only to be readmitted for unknown medical reasons doctors are still trying to figure out.

BennettStrong Foundation has the honor and privilege of sharing their story in the hopes of helping them get through this crazy journey. Through our community and theirs, it’s time to DO IT AGAIN: Raise $10k in a Day for the Kardisco’s! Starting on (12/20) Tuesday morning at 8 am, you can donate to the campaign created just for Jeff, Dani, Ivyn, and Baby Judah.

Every dollar will be counted towards raising at least $10k to help cover expenses while Jeff and Dani stay with Judah in the hospital.  We’ll be looking to cover family needs, travel expenses, cost related to treatment, and Christmas!